How It Works

Rubber removal can be completed in-house in 3 simple steps. Dont have the time or resources to do it in-house? Don’t worry, we also provide rubber removal services. Airport Operators can now maintain the safe friction levels of their runways without major service disruptions. Rubber removal can be accomplished “In House” with minimal effort using equipment common to most airports. A crew of four can clean 20,000 square feet per hour with minimal equipment. Prior to cleaning, Chemtek will assist in assembling the necessary equipment and training the equipment operators. An experienced Chemtek Engineer is always available for on site training of Airfield Crews in safety, application and technique.

You probably already have the tools needed to start using Avion Nexgen today.

Budget Friendly 
Avion NexGen costs just pennies per square foot.

Avion NexGen requires very little manual labor.

No Residue
No residue means less time cleaning and more friction on your runway.


3 Easy Steps

1.) Apply Avion NexGen

2.) Scrub Runway with Snowbrush

3.) Rinse Runway with Fresh Water