New Packaging for AVION totes!

A sustainable solution.

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One of Chemtek’s main objectives is to achieve maximum sustainability in our manufacturing process and product offerings. We have recently extended our sustainability effort to include product packaging. We will now be shipping totes of Avion50 NexGen in disposable packaging. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, these totes will also provide space and time savings.

Save Storage Space, Time & The Environment.

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[ul][li][icon_text url=”” color=”green” type=”icon_ok”]Stack up to 3 high[/icon_text][/li] [/ul]

[ul][li][icon_text url=”” color=”green” type=”icon_ok”]275 gallons on one pallet[/icon_text][/li] [/ul]

[ul][li][icon_text url=”” color=”green” type=”icon_ok”]Easily Connected – 2” Cam-Lock[/icon_text][/li] [/ul]

[ul][li][icon_text url=”” color=”green” type=”icon_ok”]Quickly Emptied – 2” Spigot[/icon_text][/li] [/ul]

[ul][li][icon_text url=”” color=”green” type=”icon_ok”]Made from Sustainable Materials[/icon_text][/li] [/ul]

[ul][li][icon_text url=”” color=”green” type=”icon_ok”]Collapsible, Recyclable Totes[/icon_text][/li] [/ul]