Full Line of Avion Products

Chemtek has created Avion to meet our customers runway rubber removal needs. We have developed our product to exceed all environmental regulations while still being an easy to use, and extremely effective product. Read more about the full line of Avion products below.

The Safe Choice

Avion50 NexGen pushes the envelope in runway rubber removal taking safety and effectiveness to the next level. Don’t damage your runways with high pressure water blasting or endanger your personnel with harmful chemicals. Use the smart solution in runway rubber removal.

Safe for Personnel
Does not contain hazardous or cancerous chemicals such as 2-butoxy Ethanol.

Safe for our Rivers & Streams
Does not contain Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE) or Nonylphenols which are dangerous to aquatic life.

Safe for Equipment
Non-caustic and no harsh chemicals.
Will not damage equipment.

Safe for Runway Pavements
Does not damage joint seals or striping.
Will not degrade the integrity of runway pavements.

The Standard in Rubber Runway Removal

For over 35 years, Avion50 has set the standard for safe and effective runway rubber removal. Avion has been tested and used at major international airports and military airfield. It’s low-cost and ease-of-use have made it the top choice for rubber removal in the aviation industry.

Preferred Solution
Preferred 2 to 1 in the industry versus competitors. (Transportation Research Board – ACRP Synthesis 11)


Proven more effective in removing rubber and restoring friction on runways than competitors.

Environmentally Friendly
Does not contribute to pollution using EPA accepted Best Management Practices.

Protects Our Water Supply

Runoff proven non-toxic by California Aquatic Toxicity Test.

The Solution for Alkali Silica Solution

AvionASR is the prescription for runways that suffer from Alkali Silica Reaction or ASR. ASR usually occurs with certain portland cement concrete pavements exposed to harmful runway de-icing chemicals and rubber removal detergents. AvionASR is a patented formula that not only doesn’t contribute to ASR but also controls existing ASR while also effectively removing rubber from runways.

Will Not Trigger ASR
Contains no Sodium or Potassium (ASR causing chemicals).

Helps in Controlling ASR
Creates a barrier within the pavement that controls and protects against future ASR.

First to Market
Avion was the first company to develop & patent ASR-Preventing rubber remover.

Proven more effective in removing rubber and restoring friction on runways than competitors.


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