Columbus LogoThe Columbus Regional Airport Authority used Chemtek’s Avion 50 for runway rubber removal at Rickenbacker International Airport at the end of October.

Rickenbacker is home to the Ohio Air National Guard refueling tankers along with freight carriers such as FedEx, Cargolux, and AirNet Express and commercial carrier Allegiant Air.

The simple process was completed in three easy steps using their own equipment.

Applying Avion 50Apply

The first step was to apply Avion 50 to the runway with De-Icer truck.  The Avion 50 was simply sprayed onto the surface area to be treated.  After a few minutes, it was time to start the next step.


Runway sweeperScrub

The second step used runway brooms to scrub the surface.  You could see the Avion 50 working immediately by chemically breaking down the rubber.  The agitation of the sweepers kept an even coat of the Avion 50 and helped speed up the process of separating the rubber from the runway.  Once completed, we were ready for the final step.




We used a tanker along with the brooms to rinse the runway.  The whole process was easy and was completed by lunchtime.  Thanks to the professional staff from Columbus Regional Airport Authority for letting me tag along.